Exclusive Online

Academy Offer

Available for those enrolling in our Private Training Programs.

If you made it here, then I know you are ready to take your training to the Next Level!!

I am super excited to share with you, our Pawsitive Principles Online Academy.

This will take what you are learning with me personally and magnify your skill set.

Now that you are part of our Pawsitive Principles family, I want to ensure you have access to the best tools we have to offer, ensuring the best possible success with your dog, at the best price available.


Access to Bree

Have questions?

Then this is the place to be to have direct access to get those questions answered. With monthly time dedicated to just our Academy members, you will have access to chatting via zoom for private one on one time. I am a firm believer in the whole dog, which means we can talk about everything under the sun when it comes to them being happy and healthy.

Additional Training Skills

Our main focus is for you to have a well-behaved, well-trained dog. In addition to your personal training, you will have access to the already recorded lessons located online. At the beginning of each month, I send out an email with suggestions on what to work on. These skills, ranging from basic to advanced, behavior modification, puppy raising tips, tricks and so much more!

Essential Oils

For our EO lovers, I also share wellness tips on how we use our doTERRA essential oils to enhance our dogs well being. You may be surprised how oils can help support you and your dog during training, behavior modification, as well as general everyday health support.

Note: you do not have to use EO's to be part of our membership, this education is an added bonus.

What to Expect As You Get Started

Our Online Academy is set up to give you instant access to all of our online training videos. This means no waiting if you are looking for a specific topic to help your dog. All of our lessons are designed to teach you life skills, NOT how to micromanage your dog. We create dogs that make good choices.


Drum roll please.....

ONLY $555 - To include your Initial Private Consult & Lifetime Academy Access


Let's put that price into perspective.....

The regular cost for access to our Academy is $397.

If you wanted to work with me directly, here are my current fees:

Initial Private Consult - $255

Private One Hour Lesson - $125

Private Half Hour Lesson - $70

By investing in our Academy, you will be saving money, gaining the necessary skills that all dog needs, which allow us to tackle the specific problems at hand.

Academy access allows me to give you homework (specific lessons to go and watch) saving time during your private consult so that we can laser focus on the problems at hand. So you can see why I am so excited to offer you our Online Academy, in addition to your private consult.

You will have direct online access to me, instant access to all of my online lessons, PLUS an email sent at the beginning of each month to map out what to work on above and beyond what you are learning privately with me.

If what I have shared with you perks your interest, then keep reading, I guarantee you will not be sorry!


Top 10 Dog Training Mistakes

What every person needs to know when they start training their dog of any age. I break down the top 10 blocks people have in training, debunk them and allow you to move forward.


Intro To Essential Oils

Interested in learning a little bit about how doTERRA Essential Oils can help support your pup? This is a great place to start that education.


Personal Training Journal

With each lesson that you watch, Bree has created a downloadable Cheat Sheet to take notes and add to your new Training Journal. PLUS with each new skill set, download and print the Training Cards, each has quick reminders to help you be successful in your training sessions.

Save $97 Join us for only $555

You can't go wrong with a Private Consult PLUS Lifetime Access to all of my Online Lessons.

Commonly Asked Questions

Answered by Bree

Q - How old does my dog or puppy need to be to participate?

The great thing about online training, you are not restricted by the age of your dog or puppy. Our training is beneficial for ALL ages, with no restrictions!

Q - Will you have skills specific for my young puppy?

You're in luck, everything we teach is beneficial for all ages. Fingers crossed, we may have a puppy in our future, if so, I will be sharing everything that I do, step-by-step, to create the dog of my dreams!

Q - What type of training methods do you use?

We are positive reinforcement based trainers. This means that we teach our dogs HOW to do something and then REWARD them for a job well done.

Q - Do you use treats in your training?

Simple answer is yes, we also use toys and life rewards throughout the process as well.

Q - What types of training tools do you recommend and use?

It is probably easier to say what tools we do NOT use. These include choke chains, pinch collars, and e-collars.

Q - How do I know if my dog is smart enough for training?

Not to worry. After you join, you will have access to our Core Skills section, think of it as an orientation and basic obedience course. Our Core Skills get everyone on the same page moving forward.

Q - What if I need a little more hands on help?

If after the initial private consult you feel you need additional help with your dog, above what the Academy has to offer, I am happy to book additional private sessions with you and your dog.

Q - Will you be teaching us how to use our essential oils with our dogs?

Yes! This is one of the areas that I am passionate about, the benefits that oils bring to our dogs are amazing and I can't wait to share that with you.

Q - Do I have to use essential oils to be part of this community?

No, you do not. Though I hope that you would be willing to learn more about the use of oils and how they can support your dog's health and mental balance.

Q - Will you really be available to answer questions that I have?

Absolutely! With access to our Exclusive Facebook group, you can ask questions at any time. The reason I created our Online Academy is to help people and their dogs. The only way to do that properly is to answer your questions and help you through the process.

Q - What if I don't use FaceBook?

Not to worry, we know that not everyone is on FB and for that reason our Train The Trainer Coaching is hosted via Zoom and all of our lessons are hosted on our website.

Q - How will we access the Online Academy site, where are the lessons?

Not everyone is on social media, for that reason it was our dream to create a site that anyone with the internet can access. Our Online Academy is accessible right from our website, with a secure login.

Save $97 Join us for only $555

You can't go wrong with a Private Consult PLUS Lifetime Access to all of my Online Lessons.